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Leadership Team

The Leaders


Ben Bigras
Ben Bigras

Ben started as a Web developer all the way back in 1995. He worked 17 years in the public sector as a web developer. Ben also loves photography, and producing virtual tours. When you love doing things, you do them with passion.

Project Coordinator

Diane (Gervais) Bigras
Ben Bigras

Diane is Ben's lovely wife. She handles mostly administration tasks, and communication between the client and benbigras.com. She will also keep Ben in line if he gets out of line! But that never really happens anyways.

Office Discipline

Bella (Grumpy) Bigras
Ben Bigras

Bella (Grumpy) makes sure that all is running smooth. You do not want to cross her! She is known to throw a shoe at you if she decides you’re not behaving well. We are always on our best behavior when she is in the office.



Stubby is the mascot. He's supposed to promote the business, but keeps getting in trouble with Ben! Visit our YouTube channel to see him in action. Lost his licence for being a reckless driver. Keeps fighting with Grumpy.

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