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Ben is great to work with! He is very flexible and accommodating, extremely professional and thorough. The end results were exactly what we wanted to add to our website to respond to the growing needs of our clientele. Thank you Ben!

Quick Service summary

Virtual Tour Sample

Magic Triangle - École St. Denis

As we progress in making virtual tours, as of July 2022, we now use our latest recipe to achieve the highest quality possible to create dynamic tours. This tour is a good example of our latest approach making tours, and all the tools and design that comes included in our prices, all taxes are included in these prices.

Some of the elements to notice:

  • Loading page (in this case , yellow) is custom made for you. You can delay it’s disappearance for marketing
  • Company logo and brand in the menu design
  • High resolution in panoramic photos
  • Multiple language support
  • Floor maps that you provide can be used for friendly navigation and orientation


Our favourite video of our little buddy… Chippy! Filmed by Ben Bigras, produced and edited by TheWeatherNetwork.com/ca, this video got popular on their site with the little comedy added by their team.

We would like to compliment the added touch that TheWeatherNetwork’s team put together on this presentation.

The quality was reduced a bit from the 5.7 K resolution for understandable bandwidth reasons. We invite you to view the video full screen on desktops for full enjoyment.