Online poker for real money not wise

Why You Shouldn’t Play Poker Online For Real Money

A lot of us like to play poker, and I’m one of them. Some even play it to try to make a living. Whichever category you fall into, you should not play poker online for real money. There are way too many ways for the system to cheat you from fair play. Just think about it, even if everything is legitimate, there’s still a lot of dependencies riding on the safety of your money. Your electricity might go out at a wrong time, or a computer crash, or even your ISP structure can go faulty causing you to lose your connection. But all this so far is not really the biggest worries, not too often today you experience these problems while playing poker online, but they can happen. Maybe Poker Stars might be an exception though, their connection has been terrible since COVD-19 started. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincident, but their connection have major problems. I always play for play money, so I can only hope this is not the case for the people playing for real money. If this issue is the same in the real money category, then Poker Stars will be committing suicide because the connection problem is really bad. Many users complained about this, seems like Poker Stars will blame it on your ISP, but I do not believe this for one second.

So, why else is it not wise to play poker online for real money?

Today’s Technology.

Today our technology make the world a very small place. Everyone can be connected to anyone and talk to anyone from anywhere at any time on the planet. Who’s to say that there is not 3 or 4 players at one table sharing their hand’s info? They might even be in the same room connected on different systems with no way to know that they are sitting together. This is very possible, I even seen this done. This is a situation where the odds of you winning just got a lot smaller. IT’s called “Table Talk”, and one place where a “no tolerance” for table talk should be applied is at a poker table. It is unavoidable online and no one can do anything about it. This alone should be enough to discourage you from playing online for real money. Even in real casinos you have people trying to cheat the system, what makes you think that they are not dreaming up ways to cheat online… which is a lot easier to do with no consequences, unlike if you were to get caught doing so in a casino.

Integrity of the Poker Host

Let’s face it, these people running these poker systems are online to make money, and lots of it! Just like if you play slots machine at a casino, the machine is coded and programmed to bring in a lot more money than it will ever give away. When you’re online, there are many more ways you can code and program the system to your advantage. I am sure these people will give you more than a thousand ways to achieve this because being online, open up the door to too many more ways of doing this.

I read an article a long time ago, about a popular online poker organization that I won’t mention because there is no proof to this, but the article said that if you ever cashed out winnings, the system had you pegged, and would deal you losing hands. It would give you a nice hand, so you would bet a lot, but gave your opponent even nicer hand so you would lose.

That brings up another danger. Just how legitimate is the dealing engine? The randomness is maybe not so random. Cheating while dealing is nothing new, OH! And again much easier to do in code than in real life with your human hands… unless you’re Data from Star Trek, but he’s not really human.  Supposing, this was a hacker that had broken in the poker’s code and found all this. Doesn’t really matter if this incident is true or not, as a programmer myself I can tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s very easy to do.

I could go on and on about ways you could get cheated playing online poker, but I’m writing an article, not a book, so I will share on last thing to consider. I am not saying this is being done, but I will say it would be so easy to do it’s not even funny…. The ultimate cheat… insider agents! IF I owned an online poker system, and didn’t worry a thing about what is ethical or not, I just might have some “INTERN” players, or you can call them “AGENTS”. They would be employees under oath that would play poker online with a special software client. Well, they would see everybody’s hands. They would be trained to make it look good, can’t win ALL THE TIME, people would get suspicious, but just win A LOT to bring in the money…. See where I going with this? Again I’m not saying this is happening, I am simply saying as a programmer, this can be done VERY EASILY!

So if you think all that is said here is nonsense, go ahead and play for real money, I wish you all the luck. You never know, you might be the one in a million that the code chose to make it worth your while.

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