Read This Before you See the Demo

Now you can actually surf the web while inside a virtual tour. Here is a demo I put together to show you that we really do use the best available software on the market to service the clients.

In this demo, if you click on the link below, you will find yourself in a living room, in front of a TV with a couple of options. I chose to put this demo over a television, but you can insert this technology anywhere you like in the virtual tour.

You will have a “video” icon which plays a video, and a “link” icon. The link icon will open up NHL website on the TV inside the tour. You can actually use the website in every way you would be able to in a normal browser.

Our software makes it easy to use multiple languages. Simply change the language by using the menu on the right, closer to the bottom of the menu pane. Change the language while using the “link” icon looking at NHL website… you will see their website also changes the language version.

Check this out…