Virtual Tours

All our virtual tours productions include everything you need, ready to be uploaded to the web. The production is always responsive. May you be taking the tour from a desk top computer, tablet or cell phone, the user will always have a pleasant experience. Our service is geographically limited to northern Ontario Canada.

Our standard product includes:

  • A graphic interface of your choice
  • Floor map if available
  • Your Identity, including logo, slogan, colour themes
  • English and French translation
  • A stand alone version compatible with Mac or PC for off line viewing or VR experience
  • Photos and videos mounted inside the tour if you have them available
  • Custom loading page of your brand

Extra packages

  • Photography shooting to be used in tour
  • Video shooting to be used in the tour
  • Put location of virtual tour directly on Google street map. (example. people could walk inside the building from the street on Google map)

We also offer marketing approaches depending on the nature of the project. Let’s say you want to sell a house and the neighbourhood offers a beach and a golf course. We can make a video of the attractions and then put this video directly on your television inside the tour. When people are taking the tour they see the television, and see that they can actually turn it on, and when they do, they get a commercial style presentation of why they want to buy the home. This is effective marketing!

See all that is possible with our great software by viewing these demo videos.

Web Development and special Intranet Applications

We take you from where you are, to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible. Our solution will do exactly what you want it to do. You just sit back and relax while we do all the fun work.

We work mostly with PHP for server side technology. This includes WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, and with over 25 years of experience, just about anything that is based on PHP. We are able to provide service for different data driven applications using databases such as MySql and Oracle. We provide full front-end services such as Jquery, React, Vue, Angular, Livewire or even plain vanilla JavaScript.

Our services also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), let us take care of Google My Business for your business, we can represent your business on Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. We will make posts and advertise for you the content you want us to post. We will do all the leg work so you can keep running and managing your business without having to worry about all the work involved in marketing on these social platforms.

If you need a custom solution specific to your needs, may that be for intranet or any other platform, we are here to help.

  • Paper to electronic forms
  • Online submit form to PDF format
  • Generic content for an online form based on data continually changing
  • Quiz, surveys and reports on any given data.
  • Any custom solution your business may need, possibilities are endless.

Photography & Video

We mostly do structural and landscape photography and videos. Contact us with details of your needs if you are looking for photography and video only. We can provide up to 5.7K HD 360° video content.

We aim to surpass Your Expectations

We shoot very high quality photos. We use various recipes in the post work for different environments, creating the highest quality in DSLR camera shooting.

For a demo of the quality of images we invite you to download this 200 MB file. It contains 10 JPG images of the original resolution that came out from the camera.

To truly appreciate the quality of these photos, do this:

  • Download the photos (zip file)
  • Unzip the file
  • Use your operating system photo viewer (“Photos” on Win 10)
  • Zoom in at least 100% and pan around
  • Zoom in also beyond 100% to be amazed

Testimonial from an ongoing client

Ben is great to work with! He is very flexible and accommodating, extremely professional and thorough. The end results were exactly what we wanted to add to our website to respond to the growing needs of our clientele. Thank you Ben!