Virtual Tour Prices

What is a node?

Our virtual tour prices depends on the number of a thing called “nodes”. A node is simply the spot where you put your tripod and shoot the 360 deg. panoramic image from. This spot becomes the spot where the virtual tour visitors will be standing and looking at the room or environment with a 360 deg. view. It’s that simple.

You can decide how many nodes you will need if you look at your establishment, and decide where you would like your shots taken from. If you have a big room, you can decide how many shots you want taken to appropriately show the content of the room. Say you have a small washroom, usually only 1 node is needed to show what the room looks like.

We charge by the node

These prices only include cameras that operates taking all 360 degrees panoramic image in a single shot. We use the RICOH THETA Z1 which is the most advanced and best quality in it’s class. For Ultra HD virtual tours please contact us for pricing.

There is a minimal 5 nodes charged per shooting session for each address.  

We shoot in 9 steps of bracket shadings. Back at the office, we merge the 9 layers to create a final version of the 360 deg. panoramic image with just the right exposure using AI merging technology. Shooting in a well lit environment creates high quality images and a good virtual tour experience.

  • First 5 Nodes

    $125 / Node

  • Next 5 Nodes

    $100 / Node

  • 11th Node and Beyond

    $85 / Node

  • Ongoing Clients

    If you become a regular client giving us steady business, prices become negotiable. Example: Schools, Daycare centres, Real Estate Companies, etc...

All prices includes the standard product services below.

Our standard product includes:

  • A graphic interface of your choice
  • Floor map if available
  • Your Identity, including logo, slogan, colour themes
  • English and French translation
  • A stand alone version compatible with Mac or PC for off line viewing or VR experience
  • Photos and videos mounted inside the tour if you have them readily available
  • Custom loading page of your brand

Extra packages - Not Included in Price

  • Photography shooting to be used in tour
  • Video shooting to be used in the tour
  • Put location of virtual tour directly on Google street map. (example. people could walk inside the building from the street on Google map)

What do I get?

The flow of creating a virtual tour is not complicated. We first set a time and place to do the photo shooting. Then most communications is done online. We setup a place online, let’s call it a “stage” where you can give us any input on our progress while building the actual tour. 

The final product is a compressed folder, that you can upload on a web server and simply create a link to this folder that will open the virtual tour. A stand alone version compatible with Mac or PC for off line viewing or VR experience is also available (.exe format) at no extra charge.