Virtual Tour Prices

  • Virtual Tours starting at $500

    Our quote includes all taxes with no hidden fees. The minimum charge already comes with five 360 deg. panoramic images all bundled up in your brand to promote your product. See our standard product list below.

  • Ongoing Clients

    If you become a regular client giving us steady business, prices become negotiable. Example: Schools, Daycare centres, Real Estate Companies, etc...

All prices includes the standard product services below.

Our standard product includes:

  • A graphic interface of your choice
  • Floor map if available
  • Your Identity, including logo, slogan, colour themes
  • Language translation
  • A stand alone version compatible with Mac or PC for off line viewing or VR experience
  • Photos and videos mounted inside the tour if you have them readily available
  • Custom loading page of your brand

Extra packages - Not Included in Price

  • Photography shooting to be used in tour
  • Video shooting to be used in the tour
  • Put location of virtual tour directly on Google street map. (example. people could walk inside the building from the street on Google map)

What do I get?

The final product is a compressed folder, that you can upload on a web server and simply create a link to this folder that will open the virtual tour. A stand alone version compatible with Mac or PC for off line viewing or VR experience is also available (.exe format) at no extra charge.

To see a demo of our custom made package, we recommend you keep reading below or you can open the demo tour immediately here.

Example In Depth - of a custom skin and how we implement your brand

Lets make a scenario! In this scenario, you own a pet store, and you want to promote your business using a virtual tour because you know how effective virtual tours are in promoting your business. This demo’s purpose is to show you first hand all you get already included in our prices. The logos, mascot if any, loading page, and notice a popup advertising image that shows when you click on the logo inside the tour.

We made up or downloaded free images for this scenario. Lets say we were given these images to work with…

Advertisement when the logo inside the tour is clicked

We will design a skin that best promotes your business and your brand. We are already well versed in web design, and programming for that fact, and we use this in every tour we make. Feel free to take this small tour on a mobile device and a desktop computer, Both versions are aimed to be user friendly.

By clicking the link below (View Tour Demo), you will find yourself on a “loading” page. We invite you to read it’s content before you click on this page. This is also a full page dedicated to be marketing your business. In this scenario, we purposely made the loading page to stay on screen until you click on it.

Check out the whole menu. This tour is NOT about the actual 360 deg. panoramic photos used to make this demo, but rather it is all about the skin, the menu layout, multi language options and other functions available at your disposal. Don’t forget to click on the logo to open an info image marketing your business,

If you happen to be a marketing expert, you can guide us through the marketing approach you would like to have use. We use the best software, and it is very flexible in different design approaches you may want to use.

View Tour Demo

To see some more cool examples of advance tools available to you, view this tour, and play with the television once inside the tour. Read the info flashing icon inside this tour for instructions.

Real Estate Photos Prices

Every photo we take goes through a recipe process. These photos are important to the real estate process of selling your home, and we take that seriously. Every shot is taken in different exposure bracket then merged together in AI (artificial intelligence) software to bring out realistic presentation of the establishment as if you were actually standing there in real life.

$200 / 20 photos
$250 / 30 photos
$300 / 40 photos

Real estate as become big on drones.. Depending on the service needed to use a drone may vary in prices. We offer 4K video resolution, and as much as 48 MP photo resolution. To use the drone for a simple overhead shot for real estate purposes is $15 / photo as long as we are contracted with all the photo shooting for the property..


Ben is great to work with! He is very flexible and accommodating, extremely professional and thorough. The end results were exactly what we wanted to add to our website to respond to the growing needs of our clientele. Thank you Ben!