Web Development

Classic Stock Ticker Board Game

Another Laravel project. Made with Laravel, PHP, MySql, and JQuery. You can play with your friends and family on your local host.

You can download it here

Install instructions are in the video description on YouTube.


Pet Shelter and Rescue Application

An application built with Laravel, it is design to offer a user friendly approach to both, the shelter poster, and the visitor shopping for pets.

Although it is more for a portfolio purpose, it is fully functional. If I see it’s actually being used, I would move it to it’s own domain along with all the data. So go ahead if it serves your purpose, and sign up!    


Another Laravel project. What is Yrautibo? It’s obituary spelled in reverse. Instead of posting an obituary, you post an Yrautibo. You post someone’s birthday.

Comes with a nice commenting system.

See https://yrautibo.benbigras.com


Tee-Off Pro Version

This “Tee-Off” online golfing scheduler and manager is made with Laravel and Livewire. Laravel is a game changer for us web developers. To see all of it’s features visit my sub domain teeoff.benbigras.com

I love working with Laravel! WordPress is an good CMS, I’ll give it that… but the power of Laravel is something in a league of it’s own, and WordPress is nothing compared to that.


A WordPress Plugin. If you operate a Club House for a golf club, you might want to check this out!
You can download it from here. Download
See video for a quick tour

CPTM Day Care Center

Ongoing project. I’ve been supporting this day care center for a while. We are launching a new site. This new site will feature many new applications aimed at marketing and user friendly experience. Tutors and parents can have a visiting experience of pleasure and find what they are looking for quickly.

The associated photo is a screen shot of what the new site will look like once we launch live.


Of course, there's this site too.

Using the GeneratePress theme. I was looking for the most recommended themes to accommodate Elementor, this template was on top of the list. I modified it to be able to operate bootstrap. I like the bootstrap modal function so I implemented it into my contact form at the bottom of the “Home” page.

Le Camp des vacances au Soleil du Nord

This is a summer camp for kids. I did this website a long time ago, it is a Joomla base website. They still approach me every now and then for support.

They were in need of a relaunch with no one to take care of updates. I still train their employees every now and then on how to operate this Joomla base design.


The new site I have recently propose to them:
This is a good example of a “Relaunch” with all the recent technologies.