Example of my work

Tee-Off Pro Version

This “Tee-Off” online golfing scheduler and manager is made with Laravel and Livewire. Laravel is a game changer for us web developers. To see all of it’s features visit my sub domain teeoff.benbigras.com

I love working with Laravel! WordPress is an good CMS, I’ll give it that… but the power of Laravel is something in a league of it’s own, and WordPress is nothing compared to that.


A WordPress Plugin. If you operate a Club House for a golf club, you might want to check this out!
You can download it from here. Download
See video for a quick tour

CPTM Day Care Center

Ongoing project. I’ve been supporting this day care center for a while. We are launching a new site. This new site will feature many new applications aimed at marketing and user friendly experience. Tutors and parents can have a visiting experience of pleasure and find what they are looking for quickly.

The associated photo is a screen shot of what the new site will look like once we launch live.


Of course, there's this site too.

Using the GeneratePress theme. I was looking for the most recommended themes to accommodate Elementor, this template was on top of the list. I modified it to be able to operate bootstrap. I like the bootstrap modal function so I implemented it into my contact form at the bottom of the “Home” page.

Le Camp des vacances au Soleil du Nord

This is a summer camp for kids. I did this website a long time ago, it is a Joomla base website. They still approach me every now and then for support.

They were in need of a relaunch with no one to take care of updates. I still train their employees every now and then on how to operate this Joomla base design.


The new site I have recently propose to them:
This is a good example of a “Relaunch” with all the recent technologies.