promoting division among it's citizens!

There was an article written and posted on Again not being really surprised at it’s far left bias content, the headline read “Computer modeling by public health experts shows unvaccinated people causing disproportionately higher COVID-19 infections“.

Here is the link to the article

As a computer programmer myself I already have a problem with that. The gap between a scientist, and a computer programmer is quite large, and leaves a lot of room for errors and inaccuracy. Just in that headline alone makes me shake my head, and say… here we go again. When are those self serving leftist freedom hating people going to stop pushing their propaganda? Actually if you’re from Sudbury, and in mid age, you might remember a genius computer programmer had made a computer logrhythm that could tell you if your music would be successful or not. When they fed it Stomping Tom’s music the logrhythm gave his music a huge failure…. that’s when this hit the news big time in Sudbury because this guy is LOVED by everyone here! Ya… right…. enough said about computer logrhythm.

If you have been following all the data that is coming out lately from no other than Pfizer themselves, straight from the horse’s mouth, I’m not sure why you would want to carry on believing these politicians and their evil agenda that they are promoting in all of this. You really have to put aside common sense to start believing what is promoted in all of this.

First of all, this so called “vaccine” is an insult to what a real vaccine is. A vaccine is something you take once, and you are protected for life. Like the polio vaccine. This is exactly what the leading scientist of the vaccine world said. His name is Geert Vanden. Actually I can’t believe that Youtube never took this video down. You won’t get more scientific than this! Warning this is a long video, with disturbing news. But do watch the first 5-10 minutes, then decide if you want to watch the rest.

There is enough genuine information out there to prove that unvaccinated people are NOT the problem. If you still actually believe this, you either have an agenda, or are incapable of deciphering what is true and what is a lie.

According to doctor Mike Hart, M.D. he recently posted this on his twitter account, which coincides a lot with what was said a couple years earlier by the scientist Geert Vanden in the video above.

Another alarming series of content coming out can be found here. Do not take the content of the video for granted, do your homework and go to the official’s website has directed and look for yourself. Again, which coincides a lot with what was said a couple years earlier by the scientist Geert Vanden in the video above.

So back to aiming at dividing people, actually promoting hate is not an exaggeration to say, I decided to contact them and told them that what they had posted was not only a lie, but it was totally irresponsible on their part to promote hate and division in the manner they were exercising. I will call the editor from “Mr. G”. I will not disclose his full name because that would make me guilty of what I am accusing them of.  I will paste below the conversation we had and you can decide for yourself what is up with that story.

Here is my initial email to them.


Concerning your new posted story titled: “Computer modeling by public health experts shows unvaccinated people causing disproportionately higher COVID-19 infections”

This is totally untrue, misleading people and promoting hate among the general public. It is absolutely irresponsible behaviour to post this type of lies. This is nothing but actual hate speech and you people should be ashamed of yourselves for posting such bias, untrue stories. any violence that comes out in this city due to people fighting over vaccinated and unvaccinated will make you responsible, and you will have blood on your hands.


( I also pointed out some of the info in this email that I have posted above. I did this because that’s the first thing you’ll hear these people tell you…. IT’S SCIENCE PROOF!! lol… actually he replied so fast, there’s no way he absorbed what I was telling him)

Mr. G replied


The article in question is based on a legitimate scientific study about vaccine impacts and the impact of choosing to remain unvaccinated, and what happens in crowds when those two groups intermingle. It is a legitimate question in the midst of a global pandemic. Your criticism is political, not scientific, which means you aren’t evaluating the story using an objective evaluation of the facts of the study. Instead, the fact such a study exists offends you politically. That is a ‘you’ issue, not an issue with our coverage or the study itself. Just because you don’t agree with the findings doesn’t make the study wrong or our coverage biased.

Take care


So then I replied


you obviously didn’t even absorb what Pfizer themselves have been saying in last days… you people are not only bias but sick. Go get the data straight from the source.
Funny how you label me as political, when your puppeteers are exactly that… politicians and not scientists.


Mr. G replied


That’s just silly. We’re neither. We’re reporters. Our job is to report. Your job is to read and attempt to understand. Unfortunately, you are too influenced by your politics to read the article objectively. The only influence anyone has over you is the influence you allow them to have. We’re not trying to influence you. We’re sharing information. What you decide to do with that information or how you decide to process it has nothing to do with us. This is about youi


That was my conversation with I guess that’s suppose to be an exclamation mark after “you” in the very last word. I’m not going to make fun of his spelling because I make typos too. I guess that was his polite way of saying that I am stupid, and I have a hard time understanding stuff…

Speaking about when “people mingle”, where is Mr. G’s science when looking into Ottawa where you had hundreds of thousands of people mingling, making it on purpose NOT to wear a mask, and some people holding “Hug Me” signs to really push the issue… and where was the pandemic? Were the hospitals overflowing with no beds? I think I might of heard of 1 case? I’m not sure. How come no one even talks about any of this? hmm… funny…. perhaps the real truth is lying beneath all this.

Anyways, it’s sad to see your local news paper promote hate like this, never mind that’s it’s actually based on a lie, and not scientific at all… and you know what? I believe that deep, deep inside they know that it’s a lie. Shame on you!

I got a better idea for us all… Let’s respect each other’s choices and be nice to one another especially when we’re making a choice about what we decide to put into our body! The day when I’m selfish, stupid or evil for practising this choice… just give me the same shot they give the prisoners on death row, and I’ll be fine with that. I won’t be a problem for you, and you won’t be a problem for me.

You’re free to comment on this site, say what you have to say professionally or it won’t be posted. I know this is a sensitive issue.

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    Looking at this post reminds me of my previߋuѕ roommate!
    Ηe constantly kept pгeaching about this. I’ll send this informɑtion to him.
    Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read. Thanks fοr

  2. I can see that have the same mentality as Trudeau. You’re only taken up space if you choose to be unvaccinated. Yet a women can have an abortion because it’s her body and have the right to chose what to do with it… but that doesn’t apply for the vaccine

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