Leadership Team

Ben Bigras
CEO - Founder

Ben is the dude with the thick black framed glasses taped up between the lenses. He does designing, programming, virtual tours, photography, and consulting. Love to go for walks, does bow flex to keep in shape.

Diane (Gervais) Bigras
Project Coordinator

Diane is Ben’s lovely wife. She handles mostly administration tasks, and communication between the client and benbigras.com. She will also keep Ben in line if he gets out of line! But that never really happens anyways.

Bella (Grumpy) Bigras
Office Discipline

Bella (Grumpy) makes sure that all is running smooth. You do not want to cross her! She is known to throw a shoe at you if she decides you’re not behaving well. We are always on our best behavior when she is in the office.