Is JQuery Too Good?

JQuery and similar technology, we have to admit that they facilitate us web developer a lot for front end work. I remember many years ago when trying to use JavaScript before these libraries existed, it was a nightmare to accommodate all the browsers.

In fact it was at this time Microsoft Internet Explorer began to get a bad name. It was always the version that would give you the most challenges because it was so capricious. Then they came out with libraries like JQuery and others, that changed all that… These libraries carry the right JavaScript method definition that just about any browser needs to have to run your code well.

JQuery and any other similar technology, are awesome to use, so they are used so much actually, that it could possibly cause a danger in itself. I also see how many people now use a 3rd party connection to rely on to have their website function properly. I was never a big fan of that really. What if their server go down? That wouldn’t be the end of the world, or anything like that, but why rely on 3rd party connections, when the files are only text base, so small in memory size, and just host them yourselves?

Back to JQuery and others… Imagine if someone would be able to launch a virus that attacks your computer’s JavaScript engine. Actually I’m surprised it wasn’t attempted yet… or has it? Can you imagine millions, and millions of websites functioning very poorly, to not being able to process at all. The bigger guys in eCommerce could easily take a huge blow, just in the span of hours, never mind days if the virus was sophisticated enough.

The virus part, we cannot worry about too much… if it happens, it happens… but as far as relying on external connections to feed your page the technology it may need… I would consult that unless you have a really good reason not to do it, put them on your local server, and include them from there.

Ben Bigras

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