Dawn Dish Detergent

I had just bought an expensive T-Shirt the other day. Don`t you hate it when you ruin it just a week or 2 later. I must of washed it with something greasy, or some grease splattered on it while cooking. I washed it twice and the stain remained. I had ran out of stuff like “spray and wash” or “Shout it out”. I remember how well this Dawn dish soap acted on my black greasy hands after spending a day in the garage working on cars, so I said… what the hell, I will put some Dawn on this T-Shirt before I label it “Ruined” . I had the green version of Dawn, I don’t know if they’re all the same, but the green Dawn I had did a number on my T-Shirt and you would never know there was a grease stain on my T-Shirt now. All I did was squeeze some out right on the stain, and I rubbed it in with my finger.

It’s a lot cheaper than those custom made products that are meant to fix these stain problems, so I thought I would share it with you. Dawn is just an awesome soap. It kicks grease right out of where it doesn’t belong!

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