Are you going to take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

You are thinking of taking the vaccine? You owe to yourself to consider watching this video. It might be the best 25 minutes you ever invested. Warning, this is disturbing. I have done some research on this and this doctor reports exactly what I have found and says a bit more that I didn’t know, … Read more Are you going to take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Ben’s Chicken Wings

This is my own original invention. It got pretty popular for the few people that tried these wings. You’ll probably say like them… “Oh my GOD!! all this salt is going to kill me!!” well.. then they’re surprised at the wings not having this overwhelming salty taste. Also no one is trying to tell you these are healthy by any means, but sea salt is a bit better than conventional table salt. This is ingredients that are commonly found in Canada, so if you’re reading this from another country, you might have to find a suitable substitute. I am also revealing the secret ingredient of making a very good wing sauce. Why is it so good, because the secret is so simple.

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