Ben’s Chicken Wings

This is my own original invention. It got pretty popular for the few people that tried these wings. You’ll probably say like them… “Oh my GOD!! all this salt is going to kill me!!” well.. then they’re surprised at the wings not having this overwhelming salty taste. Also no one is trying to tell you these are healthy by any means, but sea salt is a bit better than conventional table salt. This is ingredients that are commonly found in Canada, so if you’re reading this from another country, you might have to find a suitable substitute. I am also revealing the secret ingredient of making a very good wing sauce. Why is it so good, because the secret is so simple.

Ben’s Wings

Put cut/trimmed wings on parchment paper in a baking pan, with the thicker skin facing up.

First you apply a generous application of Accent Food Flavoring over the skin of the wings

Next,you spray on moderate, but not too moderate amount of seasalt seasoning. I am showing you a picture of the type I use. There are many types of salt under the same name “Seasalt Seasoning”, mine is mostly white, but with bits of yellow and light brownish specs.

Even more seasalt!? yes more seasalt.. next, apply a light application with regular seas salt, you can use the pink one if you care about health, the Himalayan sea salt is supposed to be good for you. It is pink, I sometimes use it but mostly I find the regualr sea salt is OK.

Two more ingredients to apply. Next is the most important one, and so is the amount you use. It’s very hard to give a measurment when you need to use your eyes as an assessment more than an amount to use. We are now going to use the “Salt Seasoning”. Like “sea salt seasoning”, there are many different flavours under the same name. Some, like the well known brands I find way too salty… I am showing you the product (No Name Brand) I use in a picture, but outside Canada, I’m not sure if this is accessable to you. If not, find a “salt seasoning” that is lighter in salt taste to the mouth. Mine seems to pull on the color of a light brown, rather than orange or one I seen was red. Those, I find are way too salty. I can’t believe the “No Name” brand is the best, I tried many of them.

Apply the salt seasoning, in a way that is evenly spread through out but a fine film. You want to avoid a “build up” of this stuff on the wing, just a light covering, but do cover as much skin space as possible. Your wings will be as good, as you get good doing this, it’s that important of a step. You may want to adjust from cooking session to seesion with different amounts. Too little is better than too much, just a fine film over the skin is the trick. It’s also the engredient that cheats people of thinknig they were deep fried. If you pull this cheat, you know you got the right amount.

The last one here is optional, it’s more for looks, than taste. I find it really doesn’t add that much to the pleasure of eating chicken wings, other than the looks. You can add Montreal Chicken Spice to top off your wings. I usually put a moderate amount, just to make the wings look good. I ran out once, and found it was not enough to change the good taste of the wings. But do try it if you have some handy.

Cooking time for the wings is very important!

Bake your wings in the oven at 375 for about an hour. You can try different oven settings, what is really important here is that these wings are considered “dry wings” meaning they’re not soggy, or soft type, that grocery store sells. They are ment to be well cooked. You pull them out of the oven when you see more of the bone when the skin shrinks. When the meat is shrinking and you see about 1/8″ – 3/16″ inch of more bone on the drum part of the wing, where the skin used to cover, then your wings are ready.

They will look like they were actually deep fried, rather than baked, and even taste like it too. But being baked is a bit more on the healthy side of things. These are also the BEST, bar none, for cold wings eating. After they’re cooked, put these suckers in your fridge for 24 hours, and try them then! The salt does something to these wings when in the fridge for 24 hours. They get very addictive this way too… bet you can’t eat just one, if you try it.

Ah! Yes the sauce!

The sauce is very easy to make. Put the amount you wish of Frank’s Hot Sauce into a pan. Put a generous amount of the secret ingredient… the Accent Food Flavouring. It’s amazing what Accent does to this sauce. Then put some butter, NOT MARGARINE. Mix the three and cook slowly at a lower heat on the stove top. I tried various combinations of the amount of Accent/Butter/Frank’s. In summary I put a lot of Accent, then a good chunk of butter, depending on the amount of Frank’s Hot sauce. In conclusion, just introduce Accent/Butter to Frank’s Hot Sauce, and you have high quality wing sauce. Just experiment, go big on Accent… within reason, I hear this stuff is not too good for you. So if you get a heart attack, don’t blame me.

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