Photographers' Package

Provide your clients with the best service possible!

For the professional photographer, or for a photographer who wants to share their artistic work, this is a must have tool! You can use top notch technology that makes it all very simple to use, and very quick! This package not only includes all your online needs for your photography business or hobby, it also comes with a full website to expose your indentity. Use this tool to communicate with your clients, or to simply show off your talent to the world.

Package includes:

  • "Home" or "About" page as your entry website Page
  • "Services" page to share your available services
  • Contact form and parser to have your visitors contact you
  • A "Gallery" section
  • A "Comments" section with every gallery
  • Comment monitoring, delete comments, band users
  • Activate email notifications when someone leaves a comment.
  • Unique design and navigation system made to accommodate and reflect your identity
  • Unlimited galleries and categories (limited by ISP limits, not by package software)
  • Admin area to create all your categories, galleries, and private galleries
  • Registration form and login system
  • No two photographers' packages are alike. This enhances the security level against hack attempts.
  • All content including galleries are "responsive" to accommodate from desktop computer to the smallest portable devices

For a demo of the public view please visit Notice the comment section which is available to the public if they are a registered user. Janet Young Photography is a client using the actual Photographer's Package.

Contact us for pricing details. We invite you to get a quote from a reputable web service firm first on what this would cost, then don't tell us the quote you got, we'll simply give you ours... and you'll see what we mean by low price, and top quality!